A Visit to the Miami Flower Market

GentleDogs: What’s the best way to get the fur-ladies to swoon for you? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy; give them a flower…. Bitches love flowers.

That is why, I like to visit the Miami Flower Market, the best floral (and plant) wholesaler in all of Miami. You like succulents? They have those. You like plants like orchids and bromeliads? They have those too! And cut flowers? Duh! Every type imaginable. And, if they happen not to have what you are looking for, they will order it for you. Now that is what I call some tree-mendous service. ๐Ÿ™‚

Miami Flower Market Grand Opening
HAMI KNOWLEDGE: What do you see behind me? If you said flowers, you are partially right. These are flowering PLANTS that can live long lives in your home if you care for them correctly. Unlike plants, cut FLOWERS (like a flower bouquet) cannot live longer than a couple of days and are blooms that are cut from flowering plants like the ones seen here.
Miami Flower Market Bromeliads
You like the plants to the left and right of me? These are called Bromeliads. Bromeliads have colorful, long-lasting blooms and can often be found in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow.
Miami Flower Market Orchids
If bromeliads are not your style, then maybe these Phalaenopsis are. Phalaenopis, you say? Yup! also known as moth orchids. They are one of the most popular variety of Orchids. They are the perfect gift as their blooms last for several months if you happen to have a green paw, like I do.
Miami Flower Market Cactus
Don’t have a green paw (or thumb)? Fret not!! There are plants, called cactus and succulents that are pawfect for you….PS: Check out the scene behind me. The Miami Flower Market also sells hard goods, the coolest plant pots ever!)
Miami Flower Market Succulent Terrariums
Cacti and Succulents (especially terrariums filled with both, like the ones seen on the second level of crates behind me) are the pawfect thing for those of you who forget to water your green babies. Also seen in this photo? Sago Palms, the two plants to the right of my head, are toxic to my kind so make sure that you don’t get these if you have fur-babies at home.
Miami Flower Market Air Plants
Plants that do not require soil? Yup, that exists. They are called air plants (in this pic, it is the second ‘plant’ from the right).
Miami Flower Market Dog
Are you loving the Miami Flower Market as much as I am? I wore my flower shirt especially so I could fit right in.
Miami Flower Market Roses
Bromeliads, orchids, succulents…they are all great. But at the end of the day, cut roses are the fastest way into a fur-ladies heart.

ย The Miami Flower Market also hosts a variety of DIY (that stands for Do It Yourself) classes:

Flower Crown creations – learn to make your very own crown out of flowers (this is for girls, obviously)
Succulent Terrarium – create the cutest home/environment for the always pawsome succulent plants
Wrapped Bouquet Class – learn to mix & match your very own bouquet (this is my fave because I can tailor the flowers I plan on giving, to the type of fur-lady in question).

Poisonous/Toxic Plants to Pets

As I mentioned above about the Sago Palms, there are plants that are toxic to your fur-babies. Make sure you do not leave these plants* lying around the house/are easy to reach and chew on as they could cause some serious damage:

Aloe Vera
Dieffenbachia (Aka: Dumb Cane)…what a DUMB plant to be poisonous.
Pothos (Aka: Devil’s Ivy)…What an appropriate name. Devil.. Why you have to be like that?
Zamiaculcas (ZZ plants)
*Note: there are more plants than the listed above. Make sure to do your research before placing plants in your home. Your pets thank you. ๐Ÿ˜€


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