A Dog and His Blog: Hami In Miami the Official Launch

Dog and a Blog

Today is the day!! The official launch of my blog. Can you believe it? A dog writing a blog?!? Well, believe it!

I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to get it all squared away so that those of you that have been following me on the Instagram have a place to really get to know me…and Miami!

What is Hami In Miami All About?

Hami In Miami is a lifestyle blog that chronicles my daily adventures….why a blog? Because I’m handsomely-bearded and I’ve gots LOTS to say about such a pawsome city!

Follow me as I visits iconic Miami landmarks, discovers hidden gems, and explain the ins-and-outs of spicy Latin culture. I will also go into detail about all the dog-friendly places Miami has to offer. Whether you are currently living in the city or plan on visiting soon, you’ll have an inside scoop. And if neither of those apply to you, then maybe you just think I am the cutest and want to follow along anyway. 

I really hope you enjoy! 🙂

Dog and a Blog Hami In MIami Glasses

So much computer work getting the blog ready made me need glasses! I think they make me look quite refined though. Don’t you think?? 🙂

Dog and a Blog Hami In Miami launch
Typing is quite difficult when you don’t have thumbs. Damn paws!

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