Dog Photography: 6 Tips For Taking Perfect Pictures of Your Pup

Listen up humans: I speak for dogs everywhere when I say that we are tired of your feeble attempts at dog photography. You spend hours behind the camera and/or phones and yet, your pictures pretty much suck.

Today, I share with you 6 tips on how to take the best, most flattering pictures of your pooches so that you spend less time behind the camera, and more time feeding them delicious treats. Dogs everywhere, you are most welcome. 🙂

Where to Start

You have a dog, you love him (duh!) and want to share his/her pictures with the world.
Now what? Grab an image capturing device and listen up!

Whether you use a point-and-shoot camera like the one that my human uses, the Sony a5000; or, you like to take photos on your phone, I have some tips that will absolutely improve the quality of your dog photos.

How do I know? Well, I have over 2 years of pawsonal experience being a dog model and have learned all the tricks of the trade. 😛

Tip Number 1: It’s All About Light

Dog Photography
My eyes? Yeah, they are there somewhere!

If your pooches have black hair, like I do, then you know the struggle. The constant battle to get your dogs eyes to show!

To combat this, my human tries to use as much natural light as possible. That’s right; Sunlight = your best friend!

We find that outdoor pictures always come out best. If you are taking your pictures inside, fret not. You can always put your pooch in front of where the natural light enters your house; say, in front of a sliding glass door or window.

Tip Number 2: Practice Sit & Stay

Working with living animals is a hoot! We have minds of our own and our minds are usually on one of three things: food, toys or chasing squirrels.

Notice that none of these involve posing for photos.

That’s why, you need to make sure your pups can follow at least two basic commands: sit & stay. These will allow you just enough time to take as many photos as possible in a short amount of time.

Which brings me to tip number 3…

Tip Number 3: Shoot Fast, Shoot a Lot!

Once you get that pup of yours to sit & stay, make sure to move your photo finger like Speedy Gonzalez. The more photos you have to choose from, the more chances that you’ll end up with one that works.

I’m going to let you in on a little modeling secret: behind 1 good photo there are at least a gazillion others that looked like crap. But shhhh, this is our little secret.

Tip Number 4: Get Your Models Attention

Dog Photography
Human, I just don’t feel like modeling anymore!!

If your dog is anything like me, then they will ignore you completely because, #stubborn.

That’s why my human has found some pretty ingenious ways of getting my attention throughout the years. Make sure that at every photo session you have one or all of these:

  • Treats: show me the cheese and I will develop laser-like focus. Get your dogs favorite goodie and rub it in his face. Works every time!
  • High Pitched Sounds: meow like a cat, screech like a dolphin, just make silly sounds to intrigue your pup. This is especially hilarious when you’re doing a photoshoot in public. LOLz at the silly human making a fool of herself. Every. Single. Time.
  • Toys: Make sure to bring your pups favorite squeaky toy and wave it around the camera.

If you want to take attention-getting to the next level, you can even purchase one of these Pet Selfie Ball Phone Attachment. You simply attach the ball to your phone and no matter where the phone goes, your dog’s stare will follow.

Dog Photography
Talk about a paw some invention!!

Tip Number 5: Say Cheese & Smile!

Dog Photography

Want your doggie to come out looking extra happy in your photo? Make sure to play with them before the photo session and get them a little worked up.

A dog that is panting slightly, will always look like he or she is smiling for the camera. Something about an open mouth that makes us look pleased as punch 🙂

Tip Number 6: Edit, Edit, Edit

Remember all those gazillion pics you took of your dog? Chances are that you don’t really love any of them 100%. Some are too light, some are too dark, some could use slight modifications.

Don’t fret, the most important part for any professional-looking pics comes at the end of the photo session: the editing!

There are plenty of editing tools out there to choose from; and really, it all comes down to your preferences and your budget. The human uses two tools when she edits my photos:

One on her computer, called PICMONKEY and one on her phone for quick touchups called SNAPSEED (available on Android and Apple devices). We recommend you give both a try and see what works for you.

I’ve already mentioned to the boss that it might be helpful for you all if she did a tutorial on doggie photo editing. What do you all think??

Dog Photography
Dog Photogtaphy

And Voila…

There you have it folks, the secrets behind how I look so fabulous in all my photos.
I hope this has inspired you to take some gorgeous photos of your pups.

If you do, I would LOVE to see them.

Feel free to email me some at and I will make sure to add them to this very post for all to see.

Lots of love (and good photos) to you all.
xoxo – Hami





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