Taquiza Tacos on National Taco Day

What’s the best way to celebrate National Taco Day? By jumping on a plane, heading over to Mexico City and feasting on some authentic Mexican tacos. What’s the second best way to celebrate? To take the human to Taquiza taqueria on South Beach for a proper taco spread that even my Mexican pals would be proud of.

Taquiza Tacos Miami
Taquiza is a traditional mexican taquería crafting authentic tacos & street fare right here in my Miami backyard. They pride themselves on their ‘blue masa’ (aka blue corn dough), which is used to create their homemade tortillas and chips.

Why do I like Tacos so much? Just think about it: a corn tortilla (corn > flour) + a solid source of protein (I pawsonally prefer pork) + toppings & sauces to your hearts content = endless possibilities!

You like pineapple? Get yourself a Taco alpastor.
You like seafood? Then enjoy a little shrimp and citrus combo.
And if you happen to enjoy a little Tex Mex, add some sour cream and cheese and you’ve got yourself my favorite! (anything with cheese is my favorite).
Basically, If you can dream it, it can be built into a delicious taco!

What The Human and I Ordered at Taquiza (a recap in photos):

Taquiza Tacos Miami Elote Corn
This appetizer dish is called an Elote. An elote is basically a Mexican version of corn on the cob. This particular rendition is made by slightly charring the corn, smothering it in cilantro and jalapeno crema, and sprinkling it with cotija cheese. Beautiful, huh? It tasted even better than it looked. HAMI TIP: your paws are going to get awfully messy. Make sure to get lot’s of napkins. And for those of you on a first date: bring floss! Corn = in love with teeth crevices.
Taquiza Miami Tacos
Up next on the menu? The reason for the season! Tacos…and LOTS of them. I can hardly contain my excitement. Imagine the stimulation my nose was experiencing at this exact moment. Steak. Pork. Shrimp. The heavens opened up above me and the Taco angels gently placed this tray o’ meats in front of me.


Taquiza Miami Tacos
A zoomed in view of the deliciousness: Top Left (CAMARON): shrimp, red ‘mole’, slaw , Bottom Left (CARNITAS): pork, orange, cinnamon Center Tacos (ASADA): steak, citrus, chile de arbol Right Tacos (AL PASTOR): pork, achiote, pineapple

The Verdict?

Cancel all your plans to Mexico and just come to Miami! (ok, that is a very big exaggeration but the Tacos are damn good and if you are ever in Miami or currently live here now, go check Taquiza out!). The human travels to Mexico often and says these are as authentic as they can get.

Hami Tips:

Want to eat a Taco like a true Mexican? Then put away the fork and knife and roll up your sleeves because you have to eat it with your hands!

Step 1: Grab the Taco with your thumb on one side and your index & middle finger on the other.
Step 2: Proceed to lift the taco towards your mouth.
Step 3: Always, always, always hold your pinky finger up (see below). It’s the true Mexican way. It is harder than it looks so some practice might be needed.
Practice eating Tacos? I can think of a few worse ways to spend the time 🙂

How do you like you tacos? Let me know and leave a comment below!

How to eat a taco
Photo Courtesy: www.eluniversal.com.mx/


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