Showing off my sexy Body in My Shed Defender Onesie

shed defender

Dogs shed; that’s a fact. Some dogs shed more than others; that’s a double fact.

I don’t really shed that much cus I’m a Scottie but I do have a sexy body and I couldn’t wait to show it off to my neighboring fur-ladies with this onesie (er, leotard).

Let me introduce you to the Shed Defender.

The Shed Defender

shed defender
What? I am not allowed on the bed? LOLz thats cute, you think so.
Shed Defender
What about now? Am I allowed on the bed now that none of my hair will stay on your white sheets, human?

The patent pending Shed Defender® is intended to be worn by pups anywhere you would like to keep clean from hair…Like in a bed, on the couch, in a car or even while visiting friend’s houses.

Example: my humans THINK that the bed is theirs and normally do not let me on it (they say I leave my fly-away black hair all over the white sheets) but, with the Shed Defender I got to play on the bed for hours. It was PAWSOME for both myself and the humans.

What is a Shed Defender You Ask?

Shed defender

The Shed Defender is a pet onesie made from premium eco-friendly fabric that is lightweight and breathable.

Four-way stretch fabric allows pups to move freely, stay cool and comfortable while keeping their fly-away fur in place and from getting all over your stuff.

You might be saying: “oh man, that must be uncomfortable”, to which I say; think yoga pants. Ladies? You know what I am talking about. Yoga pants are supa dupa stretchy and supa dupa cozy, right?

Well, so is this onesie. (Yes, I loved wearing it but remember: I am the type of dog that loves wearing dog T’s and clothing as you might have already noticed).

shed defender
Feeling like the KING of this bed. MY bed. ALLLLL mine.

According to their website, the Shed Defender is also great for helping to reduce doggie anxiety. Since the suit is snug, it puts the perfect amount of pressure around the dog, causing a soothing and calming effect (like those doggie calming vest and jackets do!).

Some vets even suggest that the Shed Defender is a great replacement for doggie medical cones! The suit works by covering up any wounds or surgical sites, and prevents Fido from licking or scratching it.

Shed Defender
Does this leotard make me look extra sexy?

How to Put On and Take Off the Shed Defender Onesie

I have to admit, my human had NO CLUE how to put the Shed Defender on me when she first got it. It wasn’t until she watched this video that she realized it was actually super easy:

The Verdict?

Shed Defender
Look at my biceps. Go ahead, you can stare.

The human says she might let me sleep on the bed (or at-least have a proper cuddle session) now that we have the Shed Defender.

She also mentioned something about a Halloween Costume? What’s a Red Power Ranger anyway?

Pawsonally, I intend to wear it when we go one walks; the purpose? Two folds: one, it will keep my fur clean and two, it will let the fur-ladies see my sexy bod.

Shed Defender

You are welcome, fur-ladies. You can thank my by blowing me kisses as I walk by you next time.

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