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Dog Boarding Rover

My human travels a lot for work. A while back, when she had had enough of asking her friends for fur-babysitting favors, she decided it was time to find a dependable solution.

She didn’t want to leave me in one of those corporate kennel places that feel like jail. She wanted a place that felt like a home-away-from-home. Someone dependable that loved dogs as much as she loves me.

Someone had mentioned to her an App/website called Rover that was very useful for finding dog walkers, sitters and dog boarding places….and that’s when I met the most pawsomest dog boarding and dog sitter in all the land!

What is Rover?

Rover is a website and App that makes your life so. much. easier.
Think of it like this: if Uber and Yelp had a dog-app-baby, then Rover would be that child.

Rover allows you to search your area for available dog sitters, dog walkers, dog boarding and doggy daycares. Then, when it has given you a list of highly qualified humans for the job, you can pick the one for you based on your criteria and reviews!

All sitters & walkers on Rover have to pass a background check and be approved by the Rover team of sitter specialists….So, you know that the humans that will be taking care of your pup are top-notch-5-star and ready for the job!

How to Use Rover

Dog Boarding
Pick the service you need.

My human can be a little technology-illiterate so when I tell you that ANYONE can use Rover to book a sitter, I really mean anyone. Well, except me because I lack opposable thumbs but that is besides the point.

I decided to share with you some easy step-by-step instructions on how to use Rover so you can see that it is very easy.

  1. Download Rover
  2. Fill out your profile (your name, gender, if you still have your jewels or not)
  3. Select a Service (dog boarding, house sitting, drop-in visit, day care, dog walk)
  4. Filter the results based on your preferences (house vs. apartment, other doggies present or not, etc)
  5. Reach out to the sitter
Dog Boarding Rover
Tailor the service exactly to your specifications!


….and that is pretty much it!
Told you it was easy 🙂

Our Experience Using Rover

Dog Boarding

After my human did steps 1-through-5, she reached out to the sitter through Rover’s messaging system and said she would love to meet her and visit the house before dropping me off. The sitter was more the willing to accommodate my human’s paranoia. 

So, we all met and that was that! My human loved my sitter, my sitter loved me, I loved my sitter and we all loved Rover for making the connection possible!

My human LOVES Rover because you can book and pay directly through the App, and, the sitter always sends her a TON of pics of my vacation (that’s what I like to call them). Check out some pics of me and my pals during my last stay:

Dog Boarding Rover

Dog Boarding Rover

Dog Boarding Rover

I started this post with a confession and I am going to end with another: Sometimes, when the human comes back from her business trips and she picks me up, I get a little sad to leave my sitters house. It’s just that I always have soooo much fun with my dudes and dudettes, that I don’t want the fun to end.

Dog Boarding Rover

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