Pet Wipes: How I Stay Clean In Between Baths

How To Stay Clean In Between Baths

Pet Wipes

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: the secret of how I always look (and smell) like I just stepped out of the groomer – always so fresh & so clean, clean.

You ready to learn all about my self-care routine? Drum roll, please……………

It’s all about pet wipes!

You’ve probably seen them at the store before and thought to yourself”  ‘what the heck am I supposed to do with these”? Well, the secret is out! You can use pet wipes for pretty much all things pet cleanliness (on both dogs AND cats!).

How I Use Pet Wipes

First off, you have to know that my human takes wipes everywhere we go. They just always seem to come in handy. But aside from on-the-go use, pet wipes are a great addition to your home pet routine. Here are just a few ways that I have incorporated pet wipes in my daily life:

  • After every walk – my human uses wipes to clean my paws post-walkies. This is the best way to ensure that I am not tracking any dirt or weird germs back into the house.
  • After digging in the back yard – let’s face it, there is nothing better than a proper dig-sesh, however, because I have such a fabulously long beard and skirt, they always get dirty & muddy. The human quickly rubs my fur with the wipes and I am (almost) as good as new.
  • When I have a messy poo (lets be real, sh*t happens!) – whether runny or simply a case of the dingleberries, using pet wipes on the bum is so much gentler and efficient than using TP or paper towel.
  • Around my eyes & ears – cus sometimes a little gunky gunk accumulates. A little wipe to these spots and you will be gunk-free (note: avoid direct contact with eyes).

Not All Pet Wipes Are Created Equal:

Now that you understand why I am so obsessed with pet wipes, you have to understand something very important: not all wipes are created equal.

If you decided to buy some of your very own, remember that the most important thing to look for is that they do not contain alcohol or any other harsh chemicals that could potentially  irritate your pets skin. In other words, make sure to read the ingredient labels!

My go-to pet wipes are from Dr. Brite – the Pet Pure Cleansing Wipes.

Just look, look at how cute their packaging is!

pet wipes

Their packaging is adorable, but it’s what is on the inside that counts!

Pet Pure: Cleansing Wipes  are made from renewable resources; they are 100% natural bamboo. They’re alcohol free and made with coconut oil & oat extract to ensure skin and coat are left feeling healthy, shiny and hydrated.

Some other reasons why I love Dr. Brite Pet Wipes:

They are 100% Cruelty Free
The Formula is Sulfate & Paraben Free
They’re a Woman Owned company
Made in the USA

Pretty bad-ass, huh?

Other Dr. Brite Pet Pure Products – For Complete Dog Wellness

What good would it do to have great smelling paws and coat if your breath was stank-a-dank!?! You need to incorporate an oral wellness regime into your self-care Sundays. Trust me.

Pet Pure’s Oral Cleansing Spray helps fight tartar buildup and naturally freshen your breath. Just a few sprays of this parsley tasting spray will help boost your oral health.

Pet Pure’s Anti-Plaque Pen helps remove plaque buildup and can treat irritated or swollen gums. And, the application is easy thanks to the twist-up pen mechanism; practically human-error-proof!

And there you have it folks: all my beauty secrets!
Hope you can incorporate some of my tips & tricks into your daily routine.

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