Paddleboarding Ibiza with Sup Ibiza

Ok, sure…Ibiza has a ton of night-time activities. Cocktails at fancy European bars, dancing the night away in state-of-the-art nightclubs, etc.

But, if you want to get to the know the REAL Ibiza, then mark my words: try to leave some time for day-time activities, and go on a paddleboarding adventure with Sup Ibiza.

It will be an adventure of a lifetime!

Paddleboard Ibiza with Sup Ibiza

Paddleboarding Ibiza

Let me be honest for a moment and say that any paddleboard tour company that welcomes pups on its excursions, is going to get a raving review from me. I mean, how fun & progressive are they?!

All bias aside though, Sup Ibiza made my trip to the island a truly unforgettable one and I cannot recommend them enough.

Sup Ibiza is the first and largest paddle surf school on the island. The team is inviting, friendly and all-around just good people. If you do not know how to paddleboard, don’t worry. They will teach you before the excursion begins and you’ll be able to enjoy the island the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

They offer:

Two-to-2.5-hour-long group excursions through some of the most pristine waters & magical unchartered spots. Depending on the location you end up at, you might even get to explore some really cool caves.

Sup Ibiza provides you with the paddleboard equipment (board, paddle, life jacket etc) so all you have to do is show up. If you are interested in learning more about them and want to book your very own tour, head over to their website, their Facebook or Instagram.

Below are some of the pictures of my excursion:
Paddleboarding Ibiza
Confession: I must have jumped into the water about 100 times during this trip.

During one of my dives/swims, my human bent down to put me back on the board and she knocked our Go-Pro into the water (no, she didn’t have the little piece that makes it float?).

Our AMAZINGGGGG guide managed to dive into the water and find it among some seaweed. He rescued allll of our pics from our 2-week trip. Our savior!!

After that, we decided it would be best to put the Go Pro away and just enjoy the moment. The pics below were taken by the instructor/guide. He takes pictures of all the groups and then shares them with everyone so that the memories are captures forever!

Paddleboarding Ibiza
Look at that water!! This is not photoshopped, I repeat, this is NOT photoshopped!
Paddleboarding Ibiza
Both my human and I had the time of our lives. It was an experience we will never forget and always hold dear to our hearts.
Paddleboarding Ibiza
This was our tour group! Me? Yeah, look closely to see how I jumped on a rock while this photo was being taken?.

Hami Tips:

  • Sup Ibiza provides all the gear for your adventure but they do not provide: towels, sunscreen and water. Make sure you take your own.
  • If you are taking your pup, take their life jacket 🙂
  • Do NOT take things that you don’t want to get wet during the excursion. Leave the cell phones at the hotel.
  • If you are taking a Go Pro or water-proof camera, then don’t do what my human did and make sure you take a case that floats.

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