My Christmas Letter to Santa Paws

6 days to Christmas!! You know what that means….Time to write Santa Paws my Christmas letter.

Toys R Us Santa Letter Hami In Miami

It’s that time of year, my fur-friends…
When the Miami weather drops down to a cool 80 degrees and family and friends gather for end-of-the-year celebrations.

The Holidays have arrived!

It is a time of giving and sharing and receiving.
And a time to brag at what a good boy I have been all year long.
That’s right, no naughty list for me.

In order to ensure I receive all the the presents I have on my Christmas wishlist, I am preparing an ultra detailed letter to Mr. Santa Paws. A photo album letter that SHOWS him exactly what I want this Holiday Season.

My Christmas List

I would normally include all my faves in my letter to Santa…You know, cheese, unlimited time at the beach, some fur-lady action…But since I am bound to get those things regardless, I decided to ask Mr. Paws for some not-so-usual toys.

I made a quick visit to my local Toys R Us store to take a few shots of the presents I want this Holiday Season.

Toys R Us Santa Letter Hami In Miami
Toy #1: A stuffed animal of my homeboy Max..You might have seen his movie, Secret Life of Pets? Yeah, we go way back. You my boy, Max!!
Toys R Us Santa Letter Hami In Miami
Toy #2: A giant stuffed teddy bear. Because….#Cuddles…(aka: humping toy)
Toys R Us Santa Letter Hami In Miami
Toy #3: Every superhero needs a supervillian to beat up on. Since I lead a double life as Batman (just check the ears), I NEED this Joker toy. I shall use it to practice all my karate chops!
Toys R Us Santa Letter Hami In Miami
Toy #4: They might look a little scary, sure. But these dragons and dinosaurs all have something in common with me….We all have tiny little arms. Have you ever seen a dinosaur do push ups? Don’t worry dudes…I know how it feels.
Toys R Us Santa Letter Hami In Miami
Mr. Rex, you play nice. Don’t make me have to open up a can of whoop ass on you. It’s Christmas time and it’s a time to share love and laughs. Not roars and scratches.
Toys R Us Santa Letter Hami In Miami
Toy 5 & 6: Last but not least on the Santa Paws list….two giant rainbow-colored balls. Because these would make fantastic additions to the existing ball collection.


What will you be asking Santa Paws to leave under your Christmas tree this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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