Monro Pets: The Coolest Dog Collar & Leashes

Monro Pets: The Coolest Dog Collars & Leashes

Let’s face it…I’m a pretty cool dog:

cool dog
Cool Dog Level: 1000

So, what do I do when I went to take my Cool Dog Level up to 1,000? Simple: I reach for my Monro Pets Dog Collar & Leash set.

Exhibit A:

dog collar
Seen here with my Asteroid Blues collar & match Leash

Why Do I Love My Monro Pet Dog Collar & Leash?

Let me count the ways:

First and foremost, because they just look cool-AF (that means As F*ck, in case you didn’t know). Just look how pawsome the designs are.
Kawaii Pinku
Metric Floral
Asteroid Blues






Each of these collars has a matching leash which you can choose to buy separate or as a set together (with a bundled discount!).

Secondly, I love Monro Pet collars and leashes because they are made for everyday wear.

They are made of polyester and neoprene so they are durable and won’t fade over time (and, they are water-resistant!). Plus, they have soft padding which reduces irritation around your doggies neck.

Let’s face it; stiff, uncomfortable collars are a pain in the butt! I speak for all dogs everywhere when I say, NO TO UNCOMFORTABLE COLLARS!

Look how soft and deliciously cozy this looks!
Last but not least, I love this dog collar and leasH COMBO because they are designed to keep me safe.

The collar has a metal buckle which ensures the collar stays safe on my neck. And, the leash hooks easily to the collar for a strong connection. BAM! That’s what I call PAWSOME.

Wanna hear the best part? I have my very own promo code at Monro Pets. Use code HAMI25 when you are checking out on their website and get 25% your very own cool dog collar & leash!

Lastly, if you made it this far and you are reading this, I would love to know! Leave me a little comment below telling me how cool you think I look!!

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