Maverick And Me Book Review (+Giveaway)

maverick and me

Did you know that October is National Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month? To help spread dog-adoption awareness, the good folks over at WorthyKids/Ideals   sent me a copy of their latest kids book, Maverick and Me, which is about a puppy and his journey to find his forever home.

About the Book

Maverick and Me is a heart-warming story about a little girl, Scarlett, and how she comes to adopt a pup named Maverick.


Maverick had been left and abandoned under a bridge when a passerby found him and took him to a local pet store for shelter. The pet store agreed to include Maverick in an upcoming adoption event, where Maverick ultimately found his new humans!

maverick and me

Scarlett (with the help of her mom, of course) adopted little Maverick and threw him a welcome-home pawty, where Scarlett recounted to her friends how she adopted the pup in need and explained that there are SO many dogs that need a loving homes.

Maverick and Me is beautifully illustrated and definitely makes you get all the feels. It’s so tender that it even made me get a little misty eyed! But, you know…I’m totes still a macho dog. Rawr.

Make sure you check out the Maverick and Me website to see and learn more about this pawsome book! 

Maverick and Me

What I Thought

This children’s book is great for dog-lovers of all ages. It’s probably a great read for kids ages 2-9 but is just as cute and entertaining for adults.

It not only explains to kids the concept of what adoption is, but it also explains to them the importance of advocating for animals in need. A great thing to get kids thinking about from a young age.

I also really loved that the author, Katherine Schwazenegger, lists some other great ideas on how you can help dogs-in-need, even if adoption is not a possibility.

About the Author & Illustrator

Yes, you read that correctly…the Author of the book is Katherine Schwazenegger, the oldest daughter of Arnold and Maria Schwazenegger.

Katherine is not only the Terminators daughter, but more importantly, she is a lover and advocate of animals, an ASPCA Ambassador and best-selling author. She wrote the book Maverick and Me based on her real life experience of fostering, falling in love and finally adopting little Maverick himself! Tell me she’s not simply pawsome!

The beautiful illustrations in the book were created by Phyllis Harris, a talented childrens-book illustrator, and supporter of pet adoption.

Maverick and Me

Want to Win a Copy?

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I will announce the winner on Sunday, October 29th, right here on this very blog post. That’s it!! Good luck to one and all 🙂

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Maverick and Me

THE SMALL PRINT: I was provided a copy of Maverick and Me by Worthy/Ideals Publishing to facilitate this review and share it with you all however, I wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t believe in it 🙂



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  1. Great review! Never to early to start kids learning how to help animals in need ❤️ I would love to win a book to share!

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