Group Doga Class: What to Expect

Group Doga Class Wheel Pose Dog
Disclaimer: my human is made of rubber so careful trying this at home. Also, I am part goat so I can balance, no problem. Some other dogis might need some time to workup to this pose.

It’s no secret that the human and I throw down some serious doga sessions at home, but it might be news, that we have actually attended group doga classes! That’s right…those exist!! Yoga class for humans and their pawsome dogs.

Group Doga Class

Our good friend Brian Cohen has been teaching these monthly doga classes,  Downward with Your Dog, since July 2015.  We had so much fun the first time we went to Brian’s class, we decided to come back for round 2 but this time to his Power Doga Session! The human and I packed up our Yoga mats and headed over to the Love Life Wellness Center where Brian would be teaching the class.

Doga at Love Life Wellness Center

What To Expect In a Doga Class

As we walked in, we were rushed at the door by my new doga pals, about 15 dogs, all sniffing each others butts… all off leash. No leashes?!?!?!? This was going to be a PAWty!!! It was like the human had decided to take a yoga class right in the middle of a dog park! Totally my scene.

The humans set up their mats, while we dogs romped about the place (and peed a couple of times on some of the yoga apparel very nicely merchandised…Sorry about that, we cant help ourselves).

When Brian said it was time to start, some humans leashed their pawtnas and others decided to leave their dogs off-leash. And so, it began; a “normal” yoga class. Some sun salutations. Some downward facing dogs; you know the drill. During the beginning of the class, I could NOT stay still. Dog over here, dog over there, a true sensory overload!! But as the class progressed, and the humans started incorporating us into their flow, the atmosphere changed completely.

Incorporating a dog into a yoga flow? That’s right! Below you will see what Parsvottanasana (aka: Pyramid Pose) looks like when you do it with your human. This works because I only weigh 15-pounds (of solid muscle, of course) so if you have a bigger fur-pawtna, this might be a little harder to achieve.

Group Doga Session Miami

As the Class Ends

By the end of class, both yogis and dogis were pooped! Brian really kicked our asses. Sweat, tears, cramps, fur everywhere and smiles of satisfaction. By the time the sound bowls started to play, all pups were in a state of pure bliss (the humans? well, they are not as fit as us dogs, so they looked like they just came back from a battle field)!

The mood in the room was completely different than the one at the beginning of class. Calm. Zen. Tranquil… True bonding had taken place between humans and dogs and between dogs and dogs as well! I left not only feeling like a Dogi Master but having made some new Dogi Best Friends For life. All thanks to Brian and the Love Life Wellness Center.

Dog after Doga Class
Post-doga session glow.
Doga Inner Paws Treats
After class, stopped by to give the dogis some delicious treats. I mean, DEEEEELIIIICIOUS. They were all natural, grain-free, Chicken Chips. Never in my life have I had something so delish…well, maybe cheese. 😛
Doga Dogs
Check out my bud. Him and I did not stop playing the whole time! Doga and friends. Best way to spend a Saturday!

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