Knaus Berry Farms: The Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever

Let me just start off by saying that you haven’t truly ever had a Cinnamon roll until you have tried the rolls from Knaus Berry Farms.

There, I said it.

Knaus Berry Cinnamon Roll Hami In Miami

Knaus Berry Farms

Approximately 40 miles south of my apartment, exists a lush tropical oasis known as Homestead. A Miami suburb known for agriculture, it is where all the best fruits, plants and produce are grown. Farms in Miami? That’s right!

Knaus Berry Farms Hami In Miami
What’s a city boy like me doing at a farm? Lovin’ life!!

This zone is also home to Knaus Berry Farms.

Over 50 years ago, Ray and Barbara Knaus, started a family farming business here. Along with growing fresh produce (tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, etc), the Knaus family also started a home-made bakery. Half a century later, the bakery and farm are still producing some pawsome goodies!!

knaus berry farms hami in miami

You can enjoy everything from fresh jams and drool-worthy pies to breadsticks and delicious cheesecakes. They even turn some of the fresh produce that they grow out back into the creamiest milkshakes you have ever tasted (If you go, get the strawberry and/or the mango milkshakes…TRUST ME!).

But if you only have the opportunity to try one thing on their menu, then the Cinnamon Buns/Sticky buns (aka: the best cinnamon buns, ever) are the way to go.

Hami In Miami Knaus Berry Farm

Sweet.Warm. Gooey. Ooey. Soft & Chewy.
They are the stuff of dreams!

So much so, that people often wait in line for 2+ hours to get their paws on these bad boys.

Drive 45 minutes to homestead? Check.
Wait in line 3 hours? Check.
Bite down on heavenly buns? Check and TOTALLY worth the 4 hour trek to get them.

Knaus Berry Farms Hami In Miami
The Knaus Berry Buns are so good, you will end up licking your paws, fingers, napkins and the box they came in. Trust!

Things to Know

Open: Knaus Berry Farm is open seasonally, from November through the last Saturday in  April. Hours: 8AM to 5:30PM but make sure to arrive early because they often run out of the buns. Hami Tip: Take cash as plastic is not accepted.
Cool: Sometimes, they even let you pick your own strawberries!!

For More Info, check out their website.

knaus berry farms hami in miami
Check out the tomatoes behind me. I might be a tad bit overdressed. oh, well.

knaus berry farms hami in miami

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