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My human was interviewed on the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast and I couldn’t be more proud of her! She spoke about how she juggles a Dog Blog (this very one) and her full-time corporate job.

What is Wear Wag Repeat?

Wear Wag Repeat is a multi-media brand that I know you are going to just love. If you count shopping, crafting and dogs as your 3 favorite things, then you are going to love it! Tori, the owner and creator of Wear Wag Repeat also hosts a podcast where she interviews like-minded women in the pet industry. That’s where my human comes into the picture!

My human has been helping me run this Dog Blog for the past 2 years and she had lots to say.

Wanna hear her podcast? Check it out:

Topics discussed on the episode:

  • Why my human decided to start this dog blog
  • Why it’s important to have a blog or landing page
  • How to bring joy to followers
  • Dealing with haters and negativity
  • Traveling with your dog

Well, What did you think?

Yes, my human is a little dorky and snorts when she laughs but she did say some pretty-smart things on the Podcast, wouldn’t you agree?

What did you think about the things she said? Did anything jump out at you in particular? I would totes love to know so I can give her the feedback!

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