Hami Does San Antonio: Part 1, Many Firsts

For the Thanksgiving Holiday, the humans and I went to a place called San Antonio, Texas. It was a trip of many firsts for me and a trip I will never forget.

My first vacation with the humans; what an epic adventure!

My First Airplane Ride

In order to get to San Antonio, I had to get on a thing called an airplane. It looks like a giant bird in the air but really, it takes people from one place to another.

The humans were a little nervous for this part of the trip because they weren’t sure how I was going to behave, but you all already know…I am a true gentleman and I ALWAYS behave as such.

hami in miami miami international airport dog

Here I am at the airport with my master. Don’t we look cool, calm and collected waiting for our flight?Hami In Miami Miami International Airport

The excitement started to build and it was hard to contain… Pretty soon, we would be meeting up with my human’s uncle and his fur-child (my cousin), Mr. Harley Davidson.

hami in miami dog in airport

Are we going to go in first class, human? I will accept nothing less.

You can say we had a really great flying experience. Although we didn’t get first-class seating, American Airlines made sure to put us in a row of three seats. You know what the means…I had a seat ALL to myself. Check out the video below to see my reaction when I sat down in the plane.

Pawsome, right? 🙂

My First Time Meeting My Cuz

Once we got to San Antonio, we went to Mr. Harley’s casa (aka: house). Of course, I had to bring him a matching bow-tie. After all, we are fine gentlemen of quality and should always dress the part.

hami in miami in san antonio texas

Check out Mr. Harley’s facial hair. Super jealous of the electrified look he’s got going on with his facial hair.

hami in miami in san antonio texas

Aren’t we a smashing duo? We had a GREAT time together. I sure miss my buddy already. Maybe the humans will get a clue and get me a sister or bother soon? (hint hint)

My First Time on A San Antonio Nature Trail

After a few hours of butt sniffing and settling in, it was time to go exploring the great Texan wilderness. Time to go hiking on a real San Antonio nature trail. YES!!!!

hami in miami san antonio texas trail

Here I am on a real San Antonio tree. Super excited with all the new smells. People, I saw and smelled a DEER. Like the ones you see on National Geographic…I saw them in real life!!

hami in miami san antonio texas

All these trees for me too pee on. They are not like the Palms in Miami but they are just as pawsome. So many pee-mails were left here on this day.

hami in miami san antonio

I ended up getting a little too excited and made the poor (yet just as amazing) decision to go strolling through a muddy river when the human wasn’t looking. Check out how dirty I look. The human wasn’t too amused.

You mean to tell me I can run around this entire field without a leash?? Oh. My. Dog!!! TOOOOOO EXCITING!!

I hope you enjoyed all my San Antonio firsts as much as I did.

My next post will be all about the time I visited the famous Alamo. Stay tuned!!

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