Hami Does Ibiza: Dog-Friendly Ibiza


If you asked me what was my favorite part about my trip to Spain? I wouldn’t really be able to answer you so easily…Exploring Barcelona with CharlieThe Arts & Science Complex in Valencia...They were all sooooo amazing…But, I will tell you this; my time in Ibiza was simply unforgettable.

Ibiza is a magical island. From pawtying and to calm beaches, to site-seeing and connecting with new friends, Ibiza was the pawfect way to end my 2 weeks in Spain.

Site-Seeing In Ibiza Town

You are probably thinking that all I did while in Ibiza was pawty. Well, you are wrong! Although Ibiza is known to be a wild destination, it also has lots of other things to do and see. I mean, I did a little pawtying at club Pacha, of course…Cus, when in Rome, right?

But look at how lovely the Old Town is! If you ever go to Ibiza, make sure that you leave some time to go exploring this enchanting town.

All smiles as I stand in the middle of the boulevard known as Vara de Rey. This is where the journey starts when you want to get to the top of the Old Town.
As you ascend towards the top of the Old City, you will walk through narrow winding cobblestone roads with classic Mediterranean architecture.
Go ahead…say “awwww”. Ibiza is simply charming. I am just missing a fur-lady to share the experience with.
There are so many restaurants and bars in the Old Town. And, all of them with terraces that allow pups. I was in heaven!
Even though all dogs go to heaven?, I made sure to be on my best behavior in front of the Ibiza Cathedral. 🙂
Every road you come across in this part of Ibiza is the pawfect backdrop for a photo session. The human went a little crazy with the photoshoot during this part of our trip. ?
Just look! Look at that view. Check out how happy my human is. Look at how happy I am! We are happier than ? in ?!!

Hami Tips For Ibiza Town:

  • Wear sneakers: there will be lots of walking on cobblestone and uneven streets.
  • Wear comfy clothing: like I did with my Woof = Love bandana.
  • Take a water bottle for you and your pup: you WILL get tired on the steep steps.
  • Do take time to sit down and take it all in. The panoramic ocean views are simply pawfect.

Ibiza By The Sea

In case you didn’t realize this, Ibiza is an island. That means you are completely surrounded by one of my most favorite things in life; water!

Every time the human took me near the sea, I couldn’t get enough of it. The smells and the sounds. It was so much to take in!

Human, let me in!!!!! I just wanna swim. Why must you torture me? This magical location? A very secluded port near the Ibiza salt mines, called Sa Canal.
Funny Story: I DESPERATELY wanted to jump in to the water every time I saw a boat off in the distance. The human literally had to keep me on the leash the whole time ?.
Finallllyyyy – the human caved and put my life jacket on and let me do mah thing! We had been trying to find a specific beach during this hike and we got lost…We ended up here and decided to just go with the flow and enjoy the present moment! So much fun on this adventure!

Hami Tips for Ibiza Beaches

  • There are only 2 “dog-friendly” beaches in Ibiza. But these are horribly shitty. Literally: there is shit all over the place. (Common humans! pick up your doggies poo!)
  • If you want to head to the ‘human’ beaches, make sure you do so very early so that they are not crowded with people. What we experienced, if your pup is well-behaved, people won’t mind that they are sharing the sand & water with a dog.
  • Take a life jacket! There was a point during the trip when the human turned her back on me to get my life jacket and in that split-second, I decided to throw myself into the water (I just couldn’t wait!). There were a little bit of waves and a slight current. The human threw herself in to “save me” because she thinks my tiny Scottie legs can’t handle a proper swim (she likes to panic). Any-who, if you have a life jacket, the humans will feel much more at ease.
  • You HAVE to…HAVEEEEEE to go Paddle-boarding while in Ibiza. Yes, I realize I didn’t show you that in this blog post, but it was SUCH an amazing time, it deserves it’s own post. Stay tuned!

A Dedication To Sweet Kanna

This will be very hard for me to write. You see, while I was in Ibiza, my human linked an insta-friend, Anna Tur (DJ and Scottie lover & owner).

Anna agreed to meet us for some coffee and bring her darling Scottie, Kanna. I got to meet this beautiful fur-lady and spend some time with her while our humans spoke about life and how much they loved Scotties.

Shortly after my visit and time with Kanna however, when I had made my way back home, she passed on to Doggie heaven.

If you have ever lost someone you love, pup or person, then you know how hard it is. We wish Anna so much peace during this transition time and would like for you, the reader, to send her some virtual love & words of encouragement.

I am glad I got to meet Kanna, if even just for an hour. She taught me about aging with grace & dignity, how to look amazing with salt & pepper hair and how to love my human so hard, because life is too short.

I dedicate my time and memories in Ibiza to her and to Anna. They will always be in our heart.

Kanna and I sitting in the main boulevard. Post coffee link up.
Her beard was the stuff of dreams!! So wise. So chic. She was so beautiful!
Such a beautiful girl!! I love this picture of Kanna and I. I hope I look as wise as her when I am older.
Anna’s tattoo was simply pawfection. What an amazing way to always remember sweet Kanna. ♥️


Leave Anna Some Love:

Both my human and I are firm believers of ‘energy’. If you want something, you just have to think about it and you will attract it.

We also believe that if you feel something strongly enough, you can manifest it. Let’s all leave Anna some words of encouragement here on this blog post, so that we can ‘virtually’ help her heal during this transition period.

Sending you all lots of love + light now and always.

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  1. Aww Hami, what a great adventure you had in Ibiza…. but so sad to hear about your friend Kanna, my condolences to Anna Tur,,,

  2. Dears Hami & Sophia,
    Thanks so much for your dedication to Kanna and your beatiful words to us. From the bottom of my heart and Kanna’s soul, I feel emotionated to feel the warm support from you. I will never forget this good time we had in Ibiza and here you are a scottie mum forever near you. With all my love, Anna ❤️

  3. Anna so very sorry to hear of the passing of Kanna. It is never easy to lose a dear furry family member. May your wonderful memories of good times, such as this visit with Hami and his Mom give you much comfort, as well as love and support from those of us who may not have known you but feel your pain and send our prayers. ??❤️

  4. I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful fur baby, Kanna. If you concentrate consistently & hard enough for Kanna’s soul to come to you, she will appear. I lost my Maggie 18 years ago & I missed her so much, I began to concentrate on her spirit. Now she regularly visits me on my bed & it is so comforting to me. Peace & love to you, Anna❤️❣❤️

    • Hi Patty – thank you so much for virtually reaching out and sending Anna all the positive vibes we can. So sorry about your dearest Maggie but how amazing that you see her regularly in your visions. what a great practice!! Thank you for sharing. <3 hugs to you.

  5. Kanna was obviously a beautiful Scottie – her passing would have left a hole in your heart and only those who have lost a beloved Scottie knows that hole goes right through our own soul. I’m sure she has crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by love and love is eternal. The pain is real and only time can ease that but in time the memories and the privilege of being her human mummy will console you. Thinking of you and hugging my Scotties tight while sending healing love over the airwaves ❤️?

    • Dearest Kim – thank you so much for taking the time to share these words of encouragement for Anna (and whoever has lost a loved one). Beautiful message of positive vibes to be shared over these digital airwaves!! xoxo – Ham and Human <3

  6. It’s very hard to lose a beloved fur baby. Kanna was a beautiful girl. May your happy memories give you comfort. Much love Jaede and Angus

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