Getting Cozy at Cream Parlor

The word “parlor” has many definitions. It can mean a sitting room in a private house, a room in a public building for receiving guests or even a shop providing specified goods or services.

Cream Parlor, located north of the MiMo District on 82 and Biscayne, is definitely a combination of all three of these.

Comfortable. Eclectic. Retro-chic. Cozy.
Everything about Cream Parlor draws you in and makes you want to stay.

The Owners

Husband and wife, Ainsley and Johnny Tsokos, came to Miami a few years ago on vacation and fell in love with the city. They knew at once they would come back to live. I mean, do you blame them? Miami is the best!

Ten years later, they have not only moved to the Magic City (yes, that’s really the cities nickname) but have managed to leave their mark. Recently named one of the 2016 top 50 places to at in Miami by Yelp, Cream Parlor is Ainsley and Johnny’s creative vision come to life.

Hami In Miami Cream Parlor
Top 50 places to eat? Cream Parlor should also be called THE only spot to buy the coolest ‘old school’ candies!! Check out the Lucky Light Gum Candy Cigarettes. Anyone remembers those from back in the day?
Hami In Miai Cream Parlor
Here I am with Johnny. He was just so pawsome and welcoming.

The Decor

You know a place is charming when their idea of Holiday spirit is a pink Christmas tree. How fun, right?

Hami In Miami Cream Parlor

The locale is full of charm. You can find something amusing in every corner. The walls are lined with vintage plates, the type you would imagine a fancy tea-cup party to have, and the seats are an eclectic collection of church pews, queen Anne chairs and stools. Pawfect to sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and read the mornings paper. What? I totally read the paper!

Hami In Miami Cream Parlor

Hami In Miami Cream Parlor
Hey, human…Make sure the Puppy-chino (aka: Capuchinno) is extra hot, will ya?

The Offerings

I stumbled upon Cream Parlor on a Sunday morning walk. It started to rain and not wanting to get my paws wet, I decided to wait it out in the nearest shelter I could find.

Coffee? Comfy corner chair? AC & shelter? Winning!

Hami In Miami Cream Parlor
Check out the vintage china my Puppy-chino is in. Fancy, huh?

After my cup of coffee and working up an appetite with pleasant conversation, I decided to take a deeper look at the menu options. Spinach & goat cheese salad. Smoked salmon & lemon cream cheese tartine. Peanut butter & banana wrap and so much more! They even had a plethora of vegetarian & vegan options for all those picky eaters out there 🙂

I decided to go with an ultra meaty selection that day. A cheese, bacon AND sausage panini. Try not to drool. I double-dog dare you.

Hami In Miami Cream Parlor
No, I will not share.

To wash down my panini? An Ice cream, of course!

Hami In Miami Cream Parlor
What am I eating here? It’s called Unicorn Poop and it’s just as legendary as the mythical creature, if not more. Not sure exactly what’s in it but it tasted of funfetti cake, cake batter and lucky charm marshmallows. Magically delicious!

As the name suggests, Cream Parlor has a plethora of other creative and delicious ice cream flavors to choose from. I will have to go back again until I have tried all of them! Poor me. #Sarcasm

Cream Parlor, defines the pawfect place to stay awhile and drink, chat, lick and nibble! I had the coziest morning & afternoon, sheltered away from the rain and to top it off, fantastic food & company!

For more information on Cream Parlor, make sure you check their Website and follow their Instagram.

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