Dolce Update: The Big Meetup & His New Forever Home

Two weeks… That’s all it took for our pawsome network of Scottie Lovers to find Mr. Dolce a new forever home.

Best. Christmas. Present. EVER!!!

A few days back, I announced that an 8-year-old Iowa Scottie boy was looking for a new forever home as his current owners (Sara and Nick) sadly could no longer care for him due to circumstances beyond their control. Because they love Dolce so much, they decided to reach out to the amazing Scottie community (via myself and The Scottie Mom) and see if maybe, someone who understood #scottietude (yes, it is a real thing) could adopt him and give him the love he deserved.

Dozens; literally dozens, of you wrote in saying that you were willing to open up your homes and take in Mr. Dolce. We went from not knowing if he would have a place to spend the Holidays, to having dozens of places to choose from!

After careful consideration and cross-checking references, Sara decided to give Dolce to a man in Connecticut; a true scottie lover named Justin. As it turns out, Justin already owned a Scottie, a Mr. Noah.

That’s right… You guessed it. Not only did Dolce get a new loving human, but he got a dood brother too!!

The Big Meetup 

Pack up the car…It’s time to take a road trip from Iowa to Connecticut!

And that’s exactly what Dolce, Sara and Nick did a few days ago to go meet up with Justin and Noah for the first time.

They all decided to meet at a local dog park and let the two doods sniff each other out, literally and metaphorically speaking. Dolce and Noah got along great from the get-go, like two peas in a pod!

They all spent a great afternoon together before Sara and Nick had to leave Mr. Dolce with Justin. They were devastated but as much as it hurt them to leave, they were forever grateful for Justin’s kind-heartedness and the fact that Dolce now has a scottie to call his ver own ‘bro’.

Below are some images of the big meet up.

hami in miami dolce forever home
Sara, Dolce and Nick on the way to meet with Justin and Noah. Doesn’t Dolce look dashing for his big day?
hami in miami dolce forever home
Check out Noah (in the red coat) and Dolce’s first encounter
Hami In Miami dolce forever home
The excitement levels were high!! Someone to play with all the time?? How can I get my human to get me a bro or sis?
Hami in miami dolce forever home
Dolce is probably thinking here, “You mean I get to call this dude my bro? Pawsome!!”
Hami in Miami dolce forever home
And here we have Justin, Noah and Dolce. The three amigos!!


I would like to end this post by thanking everyone who liked, wrote, called, commented and shared Dolce’s story. I am truly humbled and in awe at what an amazing group of people belong to the ‘scottie community’. We all rallied behind a common goal and found Dolce his forever home in time for the Holidays.

Thank you to all of those who were willing to open up your homes and expressed your desire to care for Dolce. You are all angels!

And to Justin, endless gratitude to you and your family. You were the chosen lucky one! God bless you for taking on the exciting challenge of adding another scottie to your home. May you love & spoil Mr. Dolce enough to make this transition period a bit easier. The entire Scottie Family thanks you!

Make sure you keep up with the latest Dolce and Noah updates and follow Justin (@Parallax1701) on Instagram!

Yesterday, December 14, Justin sent this MOST ADORABLE update of Dolce and Noah and reconfirmed that they are getting along splendidly! YAY!! (see below)




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