Doga: Yoga with Your Human


Yoga is a Hindu spiritual & physical discipline which includes breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. You know the ones; crow pose, pigeon pose, cat/cow pose, scorpion pose….(wow, I just realized humans really want to be more like animals).

Yoga, for a very long time, was responsible for my human’s lack of attention to the more important things in life, like me. She was often found practicing this yoga at home rather than doing more productive things such as throwing the ball for me. Can you believe that? Yoga was NOT my friend.

Until, I realized that maybe I needed to join in on this yoga if I wanted to be the center of attention. Born is the practice of DOGA. That’s right, Yoga + Dog = Doga. And might I add, that there is a reason why they call it Downward and Upward Facing DOG.

How it All Started

One day, when my human was in mid-sun-salutation-sequence, I jumped on her back and went with the flow. I imagine this is what mountain goats feel like as they hoppity-hop-hop their way along a mountain side. It is all about balance. Balance and going with the flow.

The initial lift was quite exhilarating! I felt so big. I felt so daring… An all around Evel Knievel; a total bad-ass. And as my human went for the downward and upward facing dog poses, so did I. I suggest we call it Downward and Upward Facing Hami from now on. How do we go about getting that paperwork started & processed?

Anywho, there we were. Groovin’ & jivin’ like a super duo team. It was absolutely PAWSOME. I no longer hated the Yoga. Actually, I quite liked it.

Now, I look forward to these Doga sessions with my human. You will surely see more of our sessions in the near future but for now, check out the first time I decided to join in.

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