Under The Sea with P.L.A.Y Plushie Dog Toys

Summer is around the corner…Are you ready??

The ‘Under The Sea’ dog toys (plushies) from P.L.A.Y will have you feeling like The Little Mermaid…or, Flounder. Or Sebastian or something.

So put on that tropical T-shirt, lather on the sunscreen and get ready to have the best summer ever with the bestest-most-funnest dog toys ever!

Under The Sea Dog Toys

Ok, I admit it…I write about my friends over at P.L.A.Y lots and lots. It’s just that I am honestly their number one fan. Their toys and products are just the pawsomest on the market.

From outdoor products, like this tent…to plushie toys like these and these, I just cannot get enough of them.

dog toys

They have done it again with these Under The Sea plushies, just in time for summer. As with all their other plushies, these dog toys are:

  • Certified non-toxic
  • 100% machine washable
  • Made of durable double layered fabric
  • Inversed stitched for extra durability
  • They have the BEST squeakers for hours of squeaky fun!
  • And my favorite part about this pawsome collection?

2% of the purchase price will benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to aid in its mission to reduce the commercial exploitation of animals, protect wildlife habitats, and assist animals in distress.

Are they not just so amazing???

Dog Toys

Check out my plushie photoshoot over at my local marina:

Dog Toys
This Giant Squid is literally almost my size. Love him so much!
Dog Toys
5 Tenticles = 5 times more fun!
Dog Toys
Check out Mr. Pinchy. Him and I are ready to take on the town….Matching in orange.
Dog Toys
The face you make when you find out you get to take all these plushie toys home. So. Much. Happy!
Dog Toys
Excuse me Captain…Do you have some Grey Poupon? Feeling Fancy-fresh in the marina with mah ocean-themed dog toys!

Get 20% off Your Your P.L.A.Y Purchases!

I am going to hook ya’ll up!!! If you buy any of these plushies (or anything else on the P.L.A.Y website) you will receive 20% off your total purchase.

All you have to do is type in HAMI at time of checkout (when you view your cart).

That’s right pups: 20. Percent. Off!!
You are most welcome!

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