What To Do When Your Dog is a Picky Eater

What To Do When Your Dog is a Picky Eater

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My human says she has never come across a dog that didn’t love to eat. Dogs drool for food. They beg for it. They devour it, right? Well, not me.

I am the world’s pickiest eater, at least that is what my human says. She has tried all sorts of ‘really expensive’ dog-pellets (kibble) to get me excited about eating my food. She has mixed it with veggies and cooked meats, but I always end up eating the add-ons and never the actual pellets.

After much research and trial & error, the human has finally found a solution.

First, she will share with you what she believes are some of the causes of picky eating, then some tips on how to fix the frustrating dog-eating (or not eating) drama.

Possible Causes of Picky Eating in Dogs

If your dog has always eaten normally but then suddenly has a change in their eating habits, it is best that you check with your vet to make sure that there are no health issues present.

But, if your dog has always been a picky eater, here are some potential causes:

  • You are feeding them too many goodies (aka: treats). Do you give your human leftovers to Fido? Give-in to the puppy eyes when your dog is begging for some of your cheese? Your handouts might be a reason that your dog is a picky eater. The  prospect of mouthwatering human food could be causing your dog to turn up his/her nose at dinner.
  • You might be feeding them too much. Dog’s dietary needs change as they age. A young pup that is growing, needs different amounts of food than an adult or elderly dog. Measure the feeding portions according to your doggos weight and age.
  • Where are they being fed? The location of your dogs bowl could be a problem. Is it in a quiet place where they can calmly eat food or, is it in a busy, loud and highly-trafficked location?
  • Maybe they are just bored. You would get sick of eating the same thing everyday, for the rest of your life, right? Well, your dog craves variety, just like you. It might be time to carefully switch to another flavor of kibble or mix their pellets with wet or cooked food.

Tips for Helping a Picky Dog

There are some things that you can do at home to encourage your dog to eat. They are:

  • Ensure that mealtime is consistent. The same time everyday.
  • Put the food up when your dog walks away from the bowl. This was HUGEEEEE for me. I use to ‘free-feed’; or, graze on my food whenever the mood struck. But now, my human has me on a strict schedule. If I don’t everything in one sitting, I know I won’t have food again until the next mealtime.
  • Eliminate table scraps from their diet; and the pickiness will subside.
  • Add cooked dog food as a topper. This will definitely get them excited to eat…it worked for me!!

Did you see that? I am licking the bag of The Farmer’s Dog  food my human got me to top off my kibbles and get me excited to eat. I think she found the solution to my picky eating!

What is The Farmers Dog

Picky eater

The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription service that creates and delivers balanced, freshly made, and vet approved meals, formulated specifically for your dog.

They use human-grade USDA ingredients which means less processing, natural nutrients and a higher safety standard. The food is delivered to you within days of cooking and is never deep frozen, or stored on a shelf for months.

The Farmer's Dog 

Singing Up is Easy

Picky eater
That’s right people…I’m 14 Pounds….of solid muscle.

You just head to their website, fill out a questionnaire about your pet and then based on the answers you fill out, they will determine a recommended daily caloric intake for your pup and give you recipe options

My human picked the Beef Recipe for me. Can you say delicious: beef, lentils, sweet potato, beef liver, carrot, kale, sunflower seeds, fish oil, Farmer’s Dog nutrient blend.

The Delivery

After about 3 days of ordering, you should receive your box of The Farmer’s Dog food.

The box comes with your pre-packed food pouches that are kept very cold thanks to dry ice and biodegradable insulation that actually dissolves in your sink. (how cool!)

If by any chance, your dog does not like the food (that is absolutely impossible by the way because if I loved it, your pup will too), you can let the team at The Farmer’s Dog know and they will send you another recipe or give you a full refund

That is what I call a win-win….and the solution to your picky eater problems!

Want to get 50% off your first Farmer’s Dog food order? Make sure you click this link. The discount will be automatically applies.

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