My Favorite Dog-Friendly Resort in Orlando, Florida

Dog-Friendly Resort Orlando

dog friendly resort orlando
Does this face say it all or what? I LOVE the Wyndham Orlando Resort!!

Every year, the humans make a pilgrimage to Orlando. You know, to revert back to their childhood-ways and go to the various theme-parks which Orlando is so famous for.

Of course, they would never think about leaving me out of the action and always make sure to take me with them during said pilgrimages.

When we go, I always demand that we stay in the WyndHAM Orlando Resort International Drive. Not because I like their name (which I do…WynHAM. Get it?), but really, because it is my favorite dog-friendly resort in Orlando. Remember last year when I visited? 

Well, one year later and back we went for some more fun!

A Dog-Friendly Welcome

Upon our arrival, the team at the Wyndham Resort Orlando welcomed me (yes, me) with a hand-written-welcome note, a copy of Fido Friendly Magazine and treats from the delectably-and-wildly-popular Woof Gang Bakery. Talk about V.I.P treatment.

Don’t worry; they left something special for the humans too – a platter of goodies as well as some swan-looking towel status on the bed.

dog friendly resort orlando
Mr. Hamilton Barkley – that’s me!!
dog friendly resort orlando
.5 seconds after this photo was taken…I destroyed my humans towel swans. I couldn’t help myself.

Our Room, The Family Suite with King Bed

Our Room, the Family Suite with King Bed was out of this world. It had everything we could need for ultimate relaxation, plus more:

  • 40 inch flat screen TV? Check
  • Refrigerator for my left-over filet mignon doggie bag? Double Check.
  • Coffee maker and Wolfgang Puck Coffee? A must to kick-start the morning!

Best part of our suite was…my very own private space. That’s right. I had my very own area of the room with not one, but two bed. Bunkbeds!! I had never seen these fabulously stacked beds before, but they are now my absolute favorite.

dog friendly resort orlando
You mean, someone has to sleep on the top bunk? I volunteer! ??‍♂️
dog friendly resort orlando
So THIS is what it feels like to be tall!!
dog friendly resort orlando
Couldn’t have planned it better! I match the suites decor. ?

Apawrently, this suite is the pawfect solution to families coming to Orlando with kiddies. 1 suite for 2 adults, 2 kids and 1 dog? This is the one!

The Grounds

Last time I visited The Wyndham, I went on-and-on about the 22 acres of lush tropical landscaping, winding lagoons and relaxing courtyard.

I showed you how I had pina coladas by their 2 outdoor pools and heated jacuzzi. Well, I am happy to announce that nothing changed in the year between my visit. If anything, the sounds looked that much more lush and tropical!

dog friendly resort orlando
Just as one would expect from a Florida resort….lush green plants and trees all around ?
dog friendly resort orlando
I peed on them a year ago. I peed on them again this year. ?trees didn’t stand a chance.
dog friendly resort orlando
Still waiting for a special fur-lady to share these views with. Anyone wanna come with me for next year’s annual Orlando trip?
dog friendly resort orlando
I could spend the whole year on this property. 22-acres of pawfectly manicured gardens. ?
dog friendly resort orlando
The sound of this running water/fountain behind me really puts me in the mood ?
dog friendly resort orlando
Super useful: these poop-bag dispensers are located all over the place just in case your humans forget yours. ?
dog friendly resort orlando
But why aren’t dogs allowed in the pool? ?

Thinking About Visiting Orlando with your Pooch? Make sure you get 20% off your booking!

dog friendly resort orlando
This could be you!

My friends over at the Wyndham Orlando Resort have MAJORLYYYYY hooked it up. They are letting me extend to you a 20% off your next stay with them. Because, well…they love me and in turn, they love you.

Make sure that when you book your next stay, you book through this link so you can get the discount. You just have to promise me one thing: you will not leave your pooch at home the next time you visit Orlando.

I guarantee they will love it as much as you (maybe even more)!

dog friendly resort orlando

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  1. We are planning a trip to the Orlando in future and were wondering where our dog would stay while we are at the Theme Parks. Does Wyndham allow dogs to stay inside the room by themselves or is there a dog watching service they offer?
    Thank you!

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