Dog Friendly Chicago: (More) Things to Do with Your Dog in The Windy City

Dog Friendly Chicago: (More) Things to Do with Your Dog in The Windy City

dog friendly chicago
I love ChiPAWgo!

In January, I visited dog friendly Chicago and experienced the city in all it’s snowy, freezing glory

Fast forward 7 months later, and there I was experiencing the city in a whole new way! I got to experience a Chicago summer: sunnies, sunscreen and lots of patio adventures, with people-filled streets!

Read on to learn about all the coolest dog-friendly hot spots the city has to offer during the summer months.

Getting Hipster & Artsy over at Wicker Park:

dog friendly wicker park

Hip crowds, quirky shops, tons of dog friendly restaurants and lots and lots of street art. Wicker Park is the (what some might say) coolest neighborhood in Chicago. Grab a leash, a water bowl and your pooch and head over to spend the day leisurely strolling the ‘hood and see what cool photo backdrops you can find!

Take a Stroll Down the RiverWalk and Then Cool Off with Some Gelato:

riverwalk chicago
Sweet Home Gelato does a body good!

1.25 miles of pedestrian walkway, down the river path. That’s what you call a pawsome place to stroll with your pooch! Along the RiverWalk you will encounter a variety of places to eat, drink and play. 

After my walk, I made sure the human got me some Sweet Home Gelato to cool off. Notice my face of sheer joy. I was a happy, happy boy. 

Getting Wacky & Caffeinated In the West Loop:

sawada coffee
Tea? Espresso? Latte? It’s all three!

The West Loop, or west downtown Chicago, was once nothing but factories, wholesale markets and factories. Now, it is a bustling zone for all things food-related. Aptly named “restaurant row”, this zone houses some of the most delicious (and creative) foods, drinks and caffeinated beverages. 

Seen above: me drinking the wildly popular (and drool-worthy) Military Latte from Sawada Coffee. Part Matcha tea, part espresso, part silky-foamed milk…totally delicious and a definite must-try! 

Enjoy your latte on-the-go or in the dog-friendly patio like I did. 

A Piece of Pizza here, A piece of Pizza there, A piece of Lou Malnati’s Pizza everywhere!

Lou Malnatis
Deep love for this Deep Dish!

Nothing says “Chicago” like a deep dish pizza. Most Chicagoans have opinions on which deep dish is truly “the best” but my Uber driver mentioned a place called Lou Malnati’s and that’s what I tried as my first deep dish experience. 

Garlicky, cheesy, saucy, CHEESY deliciousness. I don’t know if Lou Malnati’s is the best because it’s the only deep dish I’ve ever tried; however, it was scrumdillyumptious and I thoroughly enjoyed consuming all those calories. 

Note: If anyone dares me to go back to Chicago and try all the deep dish pizzas so I can make an informed decision on which one is truly the best, I will gladly accept the challenge. (anyone, anyone?)

A Sailor’s View of the City

Chicago canine cruise
Is this not the most pawsome photo you have ever seen? My human thinks so 😀

Dogs on boats? Hell-to-the-Yes! Pooches (on a leash) welcome on this must-do tour experience brought to you by my friends at Mercury Cruises

You and your pooch can sit back, relax and soak in the beautiful city as you enjoy a lively narration of Chicago’s rich history and architectural marvels, with dog-friendly highlights, of course!

These Canine Cruises only run July through October, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so hurry up and get your sailor-inspired outfits ready for some fun at sea!

I love Chicago and can’t wait to go back….

Are there any things I missed during my summer-time fun in the Windy City? What other dog-friendly spots do you think I should add to my must-visit list?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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