My First Bike Ride on a Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket

I went on my very first bike ride thanks to Snoozer and their VERY pawsome Dog Bicycle Basket! Now, my humans have no choice but to take me on all of their ‘date’ bike rides. ?

Dog Bicycle Basket

My First Bike Ride

Can you believe that for the past two-and-something-years, my humans would go out for rides to the beach and they wouldn’t take me?

It’s not that they didn’t want to; trust me, they did.  Once, they even tried to stuff me in a backpack for the ride ? (No bueno – do NOT try that at home).

It wasn’t until my human/pawblicist started researching Best Dog Bike Baskets that she realized that our pals over at Snoozer had a highly rated/recommended dog bike basket.

You might recall that Snoozer is the company that makes my Car Seat. Any company that can make such a great dog car seat, will surely be able to make a great dog bicycle basket.

We decided to give it a try*.

dog Bicycle Basket

The Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket

Ok, so let’s get the bad news out of the way: the only ‘bad’ thing that we found when we got the Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket was the size (which is not really a bad thing at all!).

If you have a pup that weighs even one ounce more than 15 pounds, chances are they are going to be too big to fit in this bike basket. I weigh 14.8 pounds so this basket fits me like a glove!

I am definitely going to have to watch my bone in-take from now on ?. Can’t afford to gain any weight or else my humans won’t be able to take me on their rides!


Dog Bicycle Basket

The Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket is pawsome because:
  • It’s Easy To Install. There is no assembly required. You just strap the basket on to your bike and that’s it! Honestly, it takes less than 10 seconds (and the straps are included!).
  • Safety First! Basket comes with an internal harness clip so that your pet stays safely secured on the ride.
  • Convenient Storage. The basket is collapsible so you can store it flat even in the smallest of spaces.
  • It’s Like a Purse. It comes with multiple storage pockets for leash, treats and such, as well as a mesh pocket to hold your pups water bottle. Gotta keep them hydrated ?
  • You Can Ride In The Rain. The basket comes with a rain cover so you can keep your pooch dry in rainy emergencies. Let’s face it…in Miami, this is a necessity. #SummerShowers
  • Easy to Clean. Made of a wipeable micro fiber so you can easily clean messes with no problem.

The Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket is available in Grey (like I have) or Pink and the exact dimensions are 10″ H x 13″ W x 10″ D. Make sure you visit their website for more information and to get a basket of your very own!

Dog Bicycle Basket

Have you ever been or taken your dog on a Bike Ride?? We would love to know what dog Bicycle Baskets you are using. Leave us a comment below ?.


*THE SMALL PRINT: My friends at Snoozer provided me with a complimentary Dog Bicycle Basket so that I could review it. However, I wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t believe in how awesome of a product it really is 🙂 

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