Dirt Miami: The Place to Eat Clean

A few weeks ago, my good friends over at Mitch & Mel Take Miami, asked me to become a contributor for their blog. What does that mean? That means they wanted me to be a ‘reporter’ for them. The assignment? Visit DIRT, the restaurant on South Beach and investigate their new Fall menu.

I headed to DIRT with my human on a crisp  Miami morning. If the lack of humidity in the air was any indication of how the day’s meal was going to be, I was in for a treat. A fall menu tasting on an 86˚ Miami fall day…. Pawsome!

DIRT Hami In Miami

My Experience at DIRT

First up, a Pumpkin Almond Smoothie. ‘Pumpkin smoothie’, you ask? Hellz-to-the-yeah! For those obsessed with #PumpkinSpiceEverything, this is the only pumpkin beverage you should be going crazy over. A definite must try.

What’s in this cold concoction? Pumpkin, banana, mango, local wildflower honey, almond butter, house-made almond + Brasil nut mylk, fresh ginger, orange zest, cinnamon and nutmeg. It was smooth, creamy, refreshing with just enough hints of fall spices.

Only in Miami do we have the luxury of enjoying a frozen ‘winter’ smoothie.

DIRT Hami In Miami Butternutsquash

Up next? Butternut Squash + Goat Cheese Toast. Don’t worry, I will repeat that for you. Ready? Butternut Squash + Goat Cheese Toast.

Oh. My. Dog!

Just writing about it makes me drool. What made this toast a piece of heaven? Caramelized butternut squash, whipped goat cheese, spicy mustard greens, local wildflower honey, toasted pumpkin, sunflower and hemp seeds, extra virgin olive oil, Maldon sea salt all beautifully presented on Zak the Baker Toast.

The toast, in true Zak the Baker fashion, was crunchy on the outside and yet sufficiently tender on the inside. The whipped goat cheese… Oh, that whipped goat cheese! Absolutely divine! To top of it all off; a plethora of textures, colors and flavors that combine to create a true palate party.

DIRT Hami In Miami VegetarianYou already know I am a super macho dog. I have a beard and some intense chest hair. And in true macho form, I always go for a big juicy piece of steak if given the option. Or some Bacon. Maybe a rack of lamb. Or even some fatty Oxtail.

If I tell you that the DIRT X Little Haiti Community Garden Bowl topped with a house-made Veggie Burger was as good as a piece of steak, would you believe me? Believe it!

DIRT Hami In Miami Review

What Is Farro?

Farro is an ancient grain gaining popularity among gourmet specialty foods. This was the base for the delicious garden bowl I ordered. It was topped with spiced lentils, sweet potato, wild arugula, extra virgin olive oil, roasted carrot puree, fresh herbs and shaved veggies.

I added the meatless burger (aka: the BEST veggie burger I have ever tasted). I wanted to give being a vegetarian for a meal a chance and I have to admit… Not. Bad. At. All!

I think I can get use to being a Veg Head (aka: vegetarian). You can keep the steak, bacon, lamb and oxtail. Just give me all the house-made veggie burgers and Garden Bowls from DIRT!

For more information about DIRT, make sure to check out their website.

What is your favorite Fall dish? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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