Dog Photography: 6 Tips For Taking Perfect Pictures of Your Pup

Listen up humans: I speak for dogs everywhere when I say that we are tired of your pawparazzi ways. You spend hours behind the camera and/or phones and yet, your pictures pretty much suck. Today, I share with you 6 tips on how to take the best, most flattering, pictures of your pooches so that you spend less time behind a camera, and more time feeding them delicious treats. Dogs everywhere, you are most welcome. :)

Fourth Of July Menu Ideas Illustrated with P.L.A.Y Food Plushies

You've invited a bunch of fur-friends & family over and you committed to hosting the best Independence Day pawty ever known to dog, but, you forgot about the food! What will you feed your guests?!?! Fret not, Hamilton Barkley is here to save the day! With the help of my friends over at P.L.A.Y, I’ve put together a list of scrumdiddlyumptious menu item ideas that will surely be a total hit at your 4th of July pawty.

Scottish Terrier Adoption: Shaun & Willie

The human and I recently signed up as volunteers with the amazingly dedicated people over at the Scottish Terrier Rescue of Florida. One of our main duties is to help find forever-homes for fellow Scotties in need. Today, I bring you Shaun and Willie, adorable 7 year old BFFs that need to find a home in Florida. Help spread the word and let’s get these two pups adopted!