Hami in Miami Hamilton Barkley

A little about Hamilton Barkley, the star of Hami In Miami:

Arrroooooo!!! (That’s Dog for Hello!)

My name is Hamilton Barkley…

…and I am a Scottish Terrier living in one of the best cities in the world; Miami, Florida!

About a two years ago, my humans picked me up from North Carolina and brought me to this hot & humid tropical paradise I now call home. I guess you can say I lead a pretty exciting life; sandy beaches, luxe hotels, tasty restaurants and plenty of parks!

There is always something to do and eat in Miami. And when you are “TDH”, Tall, Dark and Handsome, (well, maybe not that tall), the city opens up and becomes your playground!

Join me as I live the vida loca <<<cue the Ricky Martin song>>> and show you everything this PAWsome city has to offer.

xoxo, Hami In Miami
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