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Month: September 2023

Sailing the Miami Seas: Yachting with Jessica & Co.

Oh, the charm of Miami’s glittering waters! Just when I thought my Miami adventures couldn’t get any better, the prospect of renting a yacht came gliding in (on sparkling azure waves, no less).

Jessica, my dear friend and Everglades hiking comrade-in-unfitness, was the instigator of this magnificent idea. I swear, if there’s anyone who can make a simple suggestion feel like the most exotic proposal, it’s her. And so, with images of sun-kissed decks and wind-swept hair, we embarked on yet another adventure.

Renting The Beauty:
Renting a yacht isn’t quite like renting a movie. There are decisions aplenty. Length of rental, size of the yacht, amenities on board, and of course, the captain and crew. After much research (read: hours of drooling over pictures of luxurious interiors and sundecks), we chose a mid-sized, plush yacht, perfect for a group of six. With a sleek wooden deck, an interior lounge, and a promise of luxury, she seemed to call out to us.

All Aboard – The Crew of Six:
Jessica and I roped in four of our closest friends. There was Tom, the ever-enthusiastic photographer, whose camera was seemingly an extension of his arm. Next, Lily and Ben, the inseparable duo who often seemed like they had stepped out of a rom-com. And then, there was Sofia, our music maestro, always ready with a playlist for every occasion. Lastly, the most important person: Carlos, our Captain.

Charting Our Course:
We decided to sail around the illustrious Star Island, gazing at the palatial homes of celebrities. From there, we veered off to the tranquil Nixon Sandbar, a spot known for its clear waters and panoramic vistas. The shimmering Miami skyline, framed by the setting sun, was our backdrop, making everything feel surreal.

The Costs:
Now, the luxury of the yacht did come with a price tag. The rental set us back by a few grand for the day, split among the six of us. Initially, the cost did raise eyebrows (mainly Jessica’s, who quickly calculated how many pairs of shoes she’d have to forego), but in hindsight, the memories we created? Priceless.

A Day on the Yacht:
As we set sail, Sofia’s tunes serenaded us, while Tom went on a clicking spree. Between basking in the sun, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and taking occasional dips in the ocean, time seemed to blur. At one point, Jessica, with her ever-comedic flair, staged a dramatic “I’m the king of the world” reenactment, nearly toppling over in her heels in the process. Laughter, it seems, echoed as much as the music that day.

Lunch was an elaborate spread, with Miami’s culinary influences evident. As we floated in the middle of the ocean, feasting on delicacies and sipping champagne, the world felt both vast and intimate.

Sunrise Shenanigans:
Our day began early, as early as the sun. While most of Miami still slumbered, we were on deck, waiting for the day’s first light. And oh, what a sight it was! The horizon turned a soft shade of pink, then orange, and finally golden. Miami’s skyline was in silhouette, a dark shape against the glowing sky. The serenity of it all was disrupted only by Jessica, who was enthusiastically (and unsuccessfully) trying to perform yoga poses on the slightly wet deck. Her attempts at a sunrise salute were met with playful splashes from the sea and our hearty laughter.

Captain’s Tales:
As we ventured farther from the shore, our Captain, a grizzled Miami native named Carlos, began to share stories of the sea. Tales of powerful storms, encounters with dolphins, and even mysterious sightings (he’s convinced he saw a mermaid once). His narratives added layers to our journey. Every ripple in the water, every distant ship, every circling seabird seemed to have a tale waiting to be told.

Deep-Sea Delights:
Mid-morning, we anchored at a spot known for snorkeling. The underwater world was an explosion of colors. Schools of vibrant fish darted between coral formations. Starfish rested lazily on the ocean floor. It was another world down there, one that was calm and oblivious to the city’s hustle. Tom captured some fantastic underwater shots, while Sofia and Ben tried to choreograph an impromptu underwater dance, with hilarious results.

A Culinary Surprise:
Jessica, ever the planner, had arranged a surprise gourmet lunch. A local Miami chef, renowned for his fusion dishes, served a delectable spread on our yacht. Think fresh seafood ceviche with tropical fruits, mahi-mahi tacos garnished with tangy salsas, and a dessert of key lime pie that tasted like a slice of heaven. Our taste buds were on as much of a journey as we were!

Music and Musings:
Post-lunch, with the yacht gently swaying, Lily picked up a guitar. Soon, the air was filled with sweet melodies, some well-known tunes, and some improvised on the spot. This impromptu jam session led to a songwriting challenge. The theme? Our adventures in Miami. Jessica’s verse about her yoga mishap had us all in splits!

Twilight’s Embrace:
As evening approached, the yacht was bathed in a soft twilight glow. We anchored near a secluded bay, the silhouette of Miami’s skyline now lit up with thousands of twinkling lights. We lay on the deck, looking up at the stars, each one seemingly telling its own story, much like us.

Memories Made:
As the day neared its end and our yacht headed back to the marina, the golden hues of the setting sun painted everything in a warm, ethereal glow. We lounged on the deck, wrapped in blankets, recounting stories, dreams, and everything in between.

To rent a yacht in Miami was more than just an indulgent experience. It was a day of strengthening bonds, creating memories, and truly living the Miami dream. And as we disembarked, with salt in our hair and contentment in our hearts, I knew this day would be etched in our memories, a shining beacon of joy, laughter, and camaraderie.

So, to Miami, its sparkling waters, the majestic yacht, Jessica’s dramatics, and the crew of six – here’s to the tales we craft and the adventures that await! 🛥️🌅🥂

Btw, I will be back for around a month, so expect a little break from my postings. But will tell you how it was back home in Chile.…