13 Things Only Scottie Owners Understand

Ahh, the Scottish Terrier…more commonly known as a ‘Scottie’. They, er…we are solidly compact dogs with vivid personalities. We are independent, confident, dignified, and eerily human-like in character. Only Scottie owners truly understand just how unique the breed really is.

Below are some the things that make us Scotties so special, as told through the pictures of some of my Instagram BFF’s (Best Fur Friends).

13 Things Only Scottie Owners Understand

  1. Scotties control you with a simple look. Expressive, human-like eyes that penetrate your soul. “You will do as I say, human. Now go in the kitchen and get me some cheese”.


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Monday…why u do dis to me? ? #HamiinMiami

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2. We have humans wrapped around our tiny but mighty little paws. Look at this face…this paw placement! No human could resist!

3. Speaking of tiny but mighty…Scotties don’t know they are compact doggos. We stand tall & proud. Often standing up to the biggest of opponents with utmost bravery!

4. As a matter of fact, we really aren’t afraid of much. Not even heights, or free falling. Weeeee!


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Let’s just say that Blake’s first attempt at a single step didn’t got down too well. Pun intended. ?

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5. We love gardening and helping out in the yard (maybe a little too much…watch out for unsupervised digging pawties!).


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I’ve been pulling up the last of the summer flowers and Jock is being a really good helper. He has paws made for gardening. ?

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6. We are also expert dancers. A little shuffle here, a little shuffle there….One, Two, Three, Four. One, Two, Three, Four!


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The Scottie Shuffle #scottie #willyandwaylon #scottietude #scottieshuffle #doglife #dogpark

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7. We are sick of being called Schnauzers…because, well…we aren’t. We are Scottish and we are PROUD! Get it right ? Does this pawfect little face look like the face of Schnauzer? No, sir!

8. When we go to the beach, we turn into sand-monsters. We like to blend in completely with our surroundings. Totally incognito.


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Sand Dog ??? #scottishTerrier #Scottie #Paradise #dogs #easter #happy #terrier #scottish #weekend #Sand

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9. Our beards are the strongest-caliber magnets known to man. Everything gets stuck in them. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Leaves? Yup. Unidentified objects? Uh huh. Drag water all over the house after a quick drink? Oh, yes!

10. It is rumored that we are descendants of the illusive meerkat. Ok, maybe not but admit it: this is the cutest little meerkat lookalike you have ever seen!

11. We are the cutest puppies in the world. Tiny stuffed animal? A bear cub? A big ball of cuteness?? I think so!

12. We have the most majestic side profiles of any of the dog breeds. Just look. Look at all that majestic-ness. #MajesticAF

13. We have the BIGGEST of personalities. It is our way, or the highway. We make the rules, humans obey them. And if our humans don’t do what we want, we let the know we are terribly displeased. Say hello to a thing called: SCOTTITUDE ?

Do you own a Scottie? What do you think makes the breed so unique and special? Let me know in the comments below….?

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  1. After 40 years of owning a Scottie, they resilient, stoic, lovable, independent, cuteness overload, determined , dignified , protective, stubborn, did i say stubborn? Wouldnt have it any other way.

    • 40 years of owning scotties!! that is AMAZING!!!! Stubborn to the max. I think I need to do a part 2 to this list so I can add some more of these traits. You hit the nail on the scottie head 😀

    • yesss – the BEST footballers and squirrel observers. If there was a Scottie team in the world cup; they would win. If there was squirrel watching at the Olympics, they would win that as well! <3

  2. Scottie dogs are such characters personality plus Very bossy But that’s what I love so much about the breed Very independent they can take you or leave you It’s really up to them haha.
    Love my scottie dog

    Tim Sacramento, ca

  3. Scotties are great companions! They are loyal and protective of the ones they love! They keep you company and enjoy being the center of attention! But when days are bad, they seem to know when to be there for you! Because I know that for fact! My scottie Sir Dylan Aloyd was there for me! Scotties are proud, happy, very social, curious and just wonderful dogs to have!!!!

  4. There is nothing like a Scottie. Sophisticated, Regal and with high self esteem they don’t let anyone know if they’re hurt – certainly not other dogs. Fierce and loyal. Stubborn and impossible. Human like and stunningly gorgeous. They know who they are and they know how to get what they want. Loyal and fun, and their unending eye rolls. Smart, amazing, clever, quirky Scotties – my favorite breed in the world, and the breed that keeps me on my toes.

    • I think you listed all of their characteristics! We have our fourth one now, and he was an owner surrender at a shelter. We don’t know how they could have given him up, but we are just glad that he’s ours!

    • There really isint anything like a Scottie. And only us scottie owners really, truly understand that. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts and feelings. They truly are the best breed in the world <3

  5. Scotties are a special breed that only a scottie lover will understand. They are popular, even though not recognized by many, as they are used in many things a lot more than any other breed: children’s clothes, mugs, planters, etc….and they are a lot more distinguished! They are perfect.

  6. Driving along the avenue, I saw this little guy, walking tall and proud, in a very british way,if I may say so. I fell in love and this was 40 years ago. We had 5 of those darling and currently live with two. They also really are my wife’s bodyguards. Whenever she’s in a room and there are strangers, both of them will discreetly come a lie in a Vee, in front of her. No-one crosses the line….

  7. There’s one thing more that I’m amazed no one has mentioned… Scotties are the leaders/inventors of the ‘Stink Eye’.
    If they are seriously displeased with you, you will automatically become the recipient of one of them looks that could turn you to stone.

  8. There is nothing to beat a Scottie. They own you so just accept that and do as they say. They are pure joy and your best friend. They are smart in every way – our Scottie made a terrible fuss until we followed bim into our garden, where he took us straight to a Night Adder (snake). He keeps telling me he saved MY life and that I owe him now!!

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